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Denis Tkachenko

Solution Design Summer School is an amazing project which I will never forget!

The program changed the way I look at ordinary things: the process of observation and thinking. For me, these are no longer spontaneous things but ones I am constantly aware of. Moreover, the program showed to me the importance of observation of the problem before creating a solution. Overall, the program was concentrated on soft skills which are not taught in universities. The whole project development process was fascinating as I was working with a team of students of absolutely different majors: construction engineering, transportation engineering, computer science, economy, and tourism. Every participant of the team was coming up with the ideas others could not think of like all of us considered different aspects of the problem.

In the program, I made some new friends and met people from different countries. It was exciting to see how we reacted absolutely differently to some things and completely identical to others. Each of us shared experiences, outlooks on life, and just some interesting or funny words from their languages. In our free time (we had very little of it) we visited some beautiful places in Maribor. I will always remember our night trips to Piramida hill.

The program was packed with amazing trips and interesting activities. During the program, I visited Bled Lake and Ljubljana and of course, I have seen the whole Maribor. We also had trips to a farm and different waste treatment facilities, where we got some new ideas for our projects. I have never thought that I would have a wine tasting, karaoke party, and a spa day organized by a university!


Marina Bajić

The Solution Design Summer School was a great experience. The lectures were interesting and helpful for the task we were given, which was abstract enough so that we could have chosen to work on almost anything we could think of. The tutors are really nice people and they were always happy to help.

Besides the lectures, there were short excursions to the countryside, the farm, and to Bled and Ljubljana. Those were really nice for relaxing after long days of working on our project.

I met wonderful people that I will forever hold dear in my heart even if we don't ever see each other again. We all got along so nicely even though we were from different countries. I learned many words in their languages.

This was my first time going to a Summer School, and I will definitely come back if I have the chance.


Marija Popovska

To those who still don't know if they should apply to this program: Do it!

Within the twelve days I've been in Maribor for the Solution Design Summer School, I've had many new experiences, as it was my first time participating in this type of event. Working with people from different fields of study on a common goal was one of those fantastic experiences. Because of our diverse backgrounds, the thought process of everyone was different, and thus the discussions that followed were challenging. We all had varying views about the "problem" we identified and chose to tackle. This process helped me gain new perspectives and develop my soft skills. Guided by our amazing tutors, the Solution Design Summer School offered an interdisciplinary programme, where everyone could contribute to a common project and fun activities that brought the group closer. During these two weeks, the programme included events that helped us explore Maribor and the surroundings of this lovely city. This allowed us to understand further the problem we were facing and provided us with ideas on moving forward with our solution.

Being part of a high-quality work environment with distinguished team members, left me with the strong belief that the future is in our hands and that I should pursue my academic aspirations! I will take with me fantastic memories and friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime.


Anastasia Berseneva

I didn’t know what to expect from the Solution Design Summer School, we had only information about the main topic and we also knew that in two weeks we have to create a solution for a problem we have to recognise ourselves. At first our activities involved lectures and some exploring trips to different and extremely interesting places. Every day we learned more and more from different areas of knowledge. I think, the most important thing that we were taught was, how to obtain and systematize information in order to find new solutions. This skill will never be useless neither at university nor at work nor in life.

I met interesting and clever people. It’s always pleasant to have a talk with someone who knows more than you, to exchange experience, or to learn about a new point of view. If I didn’t come to the summer school I would never meet those excellent people, professors, invited speakers, other students.

Organization was on the highest level. We had a well balanced schedule for education and relaxation. Everything was on time. After some team building activities at first week all the students became friends. I suppose we’ll keep in touch for whole life. Special thanks to Mladen and Danijel our soul and mind for the summer school time.


Bairam Osmanov

The summer school was a very intensive two weeks, a combination of constant studying, travelling and having discussions and fun with tutors and other students. We had no time to feel boredom as the program was created very well.

During the study I learned several tools for supporting brainstorming and applied them in solving real global problems. Undoubtedly knowledge I obtained will be very useful in my life and my occupation as an engineer. Working in multicultural and multidisciplinary student teams let us exchange our thoughts and understandings in a much challenging way.

We had excursions to different places that I probably would never visit in my country. Such trips change the point of view on many things and urge to broaden your horizons. On behalf of all students, I want thank all teachers, tutors and slovenian people for that experience.


Anica Cvetković

Nowadays we often just jump to a solution without fully understanding the problem we are dealing with. In the Solution Design Summer School I learned how to approach and analyze problems. What I particularly liked about the programme is that I had chance not only to listen to the lectures, but also to put my knowledge into practice. I had chance to enjoy Slovenia, I got out of my comfort zone and I made friends for life!

Working with people from different countries on a common goal was an amazing experience. We all had different ideas about the waste and how this issue should be tackled. This helped me to gain new perspectives and to develop critical thinking.

Inspired by the Summer School, a year later I made a documentary about plastic bags.


Tommi Hakala

I participated in Solution Design Summer School in 2017, as a Master's degree student of Information Systems Sciences. I have never participated in similar programmes, so for me this was not only new but also a life-changing experience. I think that the value of waste is a taught-provoking topic. Working in multicultural and multidisciplinary student teams provided possibilities to share our viewpoints and understandings, and to learn from each other. Moreover, the lectures were designed to support the learning goals and learning process.

Visiting Maribor was an amazing experience due to its divine architecture. During those two weeks we had plenty of side events when we had chance to explore the city. I not only received the course certificate, but I also made new friends from various countries and from different science areas.


Toni Dalmasses

Before starting the seminar offered by the University of Maribor I did not have much idea what concepts were going to be treated, so I went with an open mind to new experiences. Once there I found people who came from many different countries, with different cultures, ambitions, knowledge... Solution Design Summer School is not a seminar that focuses on a specific branch of knowledge, but intends to be interdisciplinary programme, where everyone can contribute in a common project. I prize a lot the fact of having met new people from different countries and backgrounds. Besides, I liked Slovenia and I would return: without being a country that stands out for its tourism, it has very beautiful cities and spectacular landscapes.

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